Meet the NWEA team

Niels Blaauwbroek
Niels BlaauwbroekSector export grid infrastructure
Niels knows everything about the grids in the Netherlands. With this knowledge he’s working hard on the optimal use of the grid for our members. Before he has worked at DSO Stedin and has received his PhD from the TU/e.
André Craens
André CraensSenior policy officer
André works on the broader energy system and the role of wind within this. Previously he has worked as IT-consultant and entrepreneur.
Erik van Diest
Erik van DiestMarketing Manager
As a marketing manager, Erik is focused on what concerns our members may have. An aspect of this is creating value for members through our social media channels. Erik is also project manager for WindDays and various other events.
Rik Harmsen
Rik HarmsenSector specialist Onshore wind
One of Rik’s responsibilities is to coordinate NWEA’s public affairs. He is also involved in the participation and spatial developments of onshore wind energy. Before that, he worked in the Dutch Lower House of Parliament.
Marjet Heins
Marjet HeinsAdvisor Press & Media
Marjet is always on the lookout for news. Wind energy is attracting more and more attention in the media, so it’s important for NWEA to tell our story. She’s the contact for journalists who want to find out anything relating to wind energy. Marjet works for several organizations in energy transition.
Karen Kooi-de Bruijne
Karen Kooi-de BruijneSector specialist Onshore wind
Karen is an expert in onshore wind energy at NWEA with a focus on financial and regulatory matters. Her background is as a geologist, and she previously worked at Utrecht University and the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research.
Karin Luimers
Karin LuimersManagement assistent
Karin supports the Board and the Director. Beyond that, she takes care of financial, HR and facilities management. Before joining NWEA, she worked at health insurers Univé and VGZ, at Holland Casino, and at Rijnstate Hospital.
Jimmy Mulkens
Jimmy MulkensJunior branchespecialist
Jimmy works on the onshore wind dossiers, focussing on spacial topics such as sound and shadow, the Environment and Planning Act and existing wind farms. Before this she gained experience as project leader with Save Plastics and Stichting Technotrend.
Sascha van Rooijen
Sascha van RooijenDirector
Sascha oversees Team NWEA and focuses on the strategy and positioning of NWEA. Sascha has a background in economics, agriculture and psychology and has extensive experience as a consultant, researcher and manager on climate change, renewable energy and environmental and development issues.
Leon Straathof
Leon StraathofSector specialist Grid infrastructure & -Regulation a.i.
Within NWEA, Leon is involved in accelerating the integration of wind energy into the electricity grid and making it more affordable, as well as being involved in the relevant legislation and regulations.
Hans Timmers
Hans TimmersChairman
As chairman of NWEA, Hans helps shape and manage vision, ambition and professionalism within NWEA. Here, the main focus is on the board-level connections aimed at growth and results. He is also a member of the board of ‘NVDE’ and TKI Offshore Wind. Hans’ previous position includes that of Director of Private Clients at Rabobank.
Bastiaan Vader
Bastiaan VaderSector Specialist Human Capital / ICSR
Bastiaan is in charge of matters concerning Human Capital and IMVO. He graduated as a Political Geographer and has held various positions in business and education.
Daniëlle Veldman
Daniëlle VeldmanCRM Manager
Daniëlle’s tasks at NWEA consist of member recruitment and retention and related activities such as events, export promotion and network meetings. She has extensive experience in marketing roles within the international contracting industry.