The NWEA sector specialists have arranged their policy project activities into committees, subcommittees and working groups. The chairman is a member of NWEA. The sector specialists contribute as secretary.


Activities often have a multi-year scope and are carried out in networks with many different (types of) organisations. NWEA members can sit on a committee, subcommittee or working group or be involved as an agenda member.

Henk den Boon (E-Connection)
Henk den Boon (E-Connection)Chairman
Karen Kooi
Karen KooiSecretary

Onshore Wind Committee

Development of onshore wind farms at the lowest possible cost to society.
This committee has two subcommittees and nine working groups.

Working on:

  • Government policy, legislation and regulations and spatial plans
  • Elaboration of regional energy strategies
  • The impact of wind energy on the living environment, the energy system, the cost of energy production and the grid infrastructure and other activities
Bob Meijer (TKI Wind op Zee)
Bob Meijer (TKI Wind op Zee)Chairman
Guido Hommel
Guido HommelSecretary
Hilbert Klok
Hilbert KlokSecretary

Offshore Wind Committee

Development of wind farms in the Dutch North Sea at the lowest possible cost to society.
This committee has 3 working groups.

Working on:

  • Expansion of wind farms in the Dutch North Sea
  • Making offshore wind energy more cost-effective
  • Consultation (site decisions, laws and regulations) and policy development with government and politics and other activities
Arjen Schutten (HHWE)
Arjen Schutten (HHWE)Chairman
Daniëlle Veldman
Daniëlle VeldmanSecretary

Export Committee

Export opportunities for Dutch offshore wind energy companies

Working on:

  • Export opportunities
  • Strong International Network in Global Wind Energy
  • Trade fairs and events
Klaasjaap Buijs (Ørsted)
Klaasjaap Buijs (Ørsted)Chairman
Gerda Heller
Gerda HellerSecretary

Committee on Health and Safety

Safe working conditions in the wind energy sector

Working on:

  • Sector platform for knowledge and information sharing
  • Occupational health and safety catalogue for the wind energy sector
Bastiaan Vader
Bastiaan VaderSecretary

Human Capital Platform

Ensuring an adequately skilled workforce for the sector

Working on:

Action plan and network sector

Knowledge sharing

Stimulating lateral inflow

Sector’s image among young people

Rik Harmsen
Rik HarmsenSecretary

Platform for Public Affairs

Wind energy development and politics

Working on:

  • PA issues for NWEA
Rik Harmsen
Rik HarmsenSecretary

Platform for communication

Coordination of communications between the association and our members.