The current crisis demands the utmost from everyone: from companies, from governments and especially from people. From people who work hard everywhere to keep the Netherlands going despite everything that’s happening. Everyone does this with an incredible amount of flexibility. Rosters are overturned, tasks are taken over and rules are temporarily stretched. First of all, we would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone who keeps the Netherlands running so flexibly. Keep it up!

As a wind sector, we would also like to continue to work in a safe and responsible manner. And then specifically towards a better and cleaner Netherlands. Achieving the climate targets remains challenging. Take, for example, the proposal published yesterday to reduce production from coal-fired power stations. The plan is to compensate the missed production by relatively cleaner gas plants. It is even better if this production is replaced by sustainable energy, such as wind. Then the climate targets will get even closer at a faster speed.

NWEA has made an inventory among its members. As a wind sector, we now want to continue working on achieving the climate targets. This is possible if we can continue to build new turbines. But for that we need the help of the government. Because if we are not careful, our construction projects will also come to a halt.

Government: are you joining us?

To avoid downtime, we ask for flexibility from the government on three points:

  1. Give contractors as much space as possible to deploy their staff flexibly and ensure tailor-made agreements, for example by allowing temporarily adjusted schedules such as 6 weeks on, 6 weeks off;
  2. Offer room for innovative possibilities to temporarily renew expired training certificates in order to keep people working longer;
  3. In addition to the production of electricity, also recognize the construction of (sustainable) electricity production installations as a supplier to a vital process to ensure that the construction of new windturbines does not come to a standstill.

The sector is pleased with the cooperative attitude and frequent communication from the government, and in particular of supervisor SSM, so far. Unfortunately, decisions are sometimes not immediately feasible in practice or raise questions. Discussions are ongoing about this and that makes it all the more important to remain flexible as supervisor.

Our actions as a wind sector

By temporarily adjusting the regulations on these topics, we can continue to build. However, this flexibility also demands a lot from us as a sector. That is why we offer the following to ensure that we can continue in a safe and responsible way:

  1. The well-being and health of our employees is always priority number 1. Our employees are given the space to indicate whether they want to participate in longer schedules, they are constantly monitored for physical and psychological health and in case of questions and / or problems we act directly. This is in addition to the measures already taken and established protocols to continue working safely in times of Corona.
  2. In addition to all the usual training courses, we offer additional online training courses for expired certificates. In this way, the knowledge remains up-to-date, and the expired certificate can still be obtained at a later time at a recognized institute.
  3. We do our utmost to keep pace with construction, both on and offshore, to achieve the sustainable energy targets in the Netherlands.