All over the world a lot of hard work is being done for more sustainable energy. Many countries have now gained experience with what works and what doesn’t, and are happy to share this with other countries. The mission of IRENA (International Renewable ENergy Agency) is to connect the various governments to exchange these experiences in order to roll out all forms of renewable energy as quickly as possible.

While IRENA primarily focuses on governments, the private sector is also increasingly focused on sustainable energy. In order to use the power of this growing group of companies, IRENA established the Coalition for Action in 2014. A coalition of now more than 100 companies and organizations that are all committed to making the world more sustainable as quickly as possible. Together they prepare position papers in which good examples are shared. With this they want to help governments with achieving their sustainability goals.

As NWEA e support this philosophy. Only together can we achieve the goals of the Paris climate agreement. And that is why it is good to share knowledge and experiences. Not only within the Netherlands or Europe, but throughout the world. That is why we are now also a member of the IRENA Coalition for Action. To share our Dutch experiences on the one hand. And to learn from the rest of the world on the other hand.

Want to know more about the IRENA Coalition for Action? Look here on the IRENA website.