Offshore wind projects can be licensed for 40 years in the future. Minister Wiebes reports this today in a letter to the House of Representatives about the future growth of offshore wind projects. In addition, he indicates that a solid business case offshore is an absolute precondition for keeping up with the pace of the energy transition at sea. Following the Afry study into the possibilities of making the business case at sea more robust, the minister is conducting a number of additional studies.

NWEA has been committed to extending the license term for years. The materials can handle it, longer use is sustainable and it makes the business case better. The development of large long-term offshore wind farms involves enormous risks in terms of price and demand development that the wind sector cannot bear alone. NWEA regularly sends this signal and is pleased that the minister is taking this sound of the sector seriously. NWEA looks forward to the follow-up actions by the minister that are planned for the summer.