We would like to present our strategic plan for the coming years. 2020 is the start of a new decade. A decade in which, after 10 years, at least 70% of the electricity supply in the Netherlands will be provided by wind and solar power. And a decade in which internationally wind energy continues to grow into one of the largest energy sources. We are on the eve of an enormous transformation of our energy system. Nationally and internationally, the transition from an energy supply based on fossil fuels into a sustainable energy supply has major consequences for the infrastructure (flexibility, transportation, network infrastructure, storage, electrification, space) and for the organisation of the market (demand/supply, centralised/decentralised, pricing, stimulate, demand development). The necessary link between supply and demand will change dramatically.

From an international perspective, the challenges facing the Netherlands are ample. We still have a relatively high share of fossil fuels in our energy mix (92.6%) and a low degree of electrification (20%). Unlike any other country, the Netherlands must show leadership and decisiveness.

The Dutch potential for wind energy – the driver of the energy transition – is enormous. 15 GW onshore. 75 GW offshore. Costs have declined spectacularly. The industry is developing at an impressive rate into a mature sector and is making an important contribution to the Dutch economy. From a technological and economical perspective, there is nothing to stop the Netherlands from rapidly transforming its energy supply into a sustainable energy system, with a large share of wind power.

Reliable, affordable, safe and sustainable.
We’re ready!