Safeway designs and fabricates motion compensated gangway bridges and with its Seagull-type sets a new standard for motion compensated systems. With year-round workability at 20meter above sea level, Safeway redefines the state of affairs in offshore access solutions.

Extensively tested and based on proven technology, the application of an additional roll compensation actuator provides a spectacular reduction of overall gangway motions.

Handled as a “Single lift” and with its “Plug & Play” configuration, the Safeway is very suitable to be utilized on different vessels with minimal installation efforts or modifications to the vessel structure.

As part of the Van Aalst group, Safeway supplements the broad range of innovations developed and brought to the market by the group in strong partnerships with major suppliers. With multiple offices abroad, clients are facilitated in their operational needs by a dedicated operational support team.

Contactpersoon: Ria Hut