ENERCON GmbH is a German manufacturer of Wind Energy Turbines. With a market share worldwide of 7%, in the EU of 25%, Germany <45% and the Netherlands 38%.

ENERCON is active in the Netherlands for 20 years now, with our first export project to NL in 1992 installed on the Roggeplaat in Zeeland. The ENERCON GmbH – Dutch branch ensures the Engineering, Procurement, Contracting and Financing for the Dutch market. Besides Wind Turbine delivery and installation ENERCON  has a lot of experience in work preparation and project management for the necessary infrastructure for windfarm project.

ENERCON Netherlands Services BV organizes the installation and maintenance in a decentralize way. With Service Stations and office space in Zwolle, Emmeloord, Bruinisse, Winschoten and with a recent expansion to Barneveld. The Group is employing in the Netherlands now more than 400 FTe.

End of 2017 ENERCON acquired the Dutch Wind Energy Turbine manufacture Lagerwey. The two companies have formed a strategical partnership, with a strong focus on developing further the turbines of the EP5 platform:  E-136, E-147 & E-160 Series and the innovative Climbing crane.

Together with ENERCON, Lagerwey now is able to bring their technique much faster to the market, making use of the worldwide coverage of ENERCON with offices in more than 33 countries.