Deltares is a not-for-profit independent research institute, internationally renowned for its expertise and experience which links advanced science and practical application in water related projects. In the offshore wind energy sector Deltares supports offshore contractors, energy utilities and engineering companies during the design, installation, operation & maintenance (O&M) and decommissioning phases. Our specialty expertise of waves, currents, geotechnics, geology and morphology, including their complex interactions, is of key importance for offshore projects. We develop knowledge and tools for the industry that guarantee safe, reliable, sustainable and cost-efficient operations. Our specialised consultancy, applied research, and integrated studies pertaining to offshore wind energy focus on metocean conditions, operational forecasting systems, hydrodynamic loads, scour and scour protection, seabed morphodynamics, geology, geotechnical analysis, cable and foundation integrity and installation techniques. This wide range of topics makes us a unique partner for your offshore wind project. We employ a wide range of tools: from laboratory-scale models to numerical models and from field measurements to data-driven analysis methods. By combining the strength of multiple tools, we can determine the optimal solution for your project.

Contactpersoon: Jan Joost Schouten