The wavehexapod is a hexapod consisting of 6 generators on 3 buoys. The hexapod hangs from a fixed connection with the outside world at the top. We have now designed submersibles that contain 9 Hexapods and are connected to the bottom only with anchor cables.

The wavehexapod can make optimal use of the movement of the waves with its 3 buoys. Waves go up and down, but also move in the horizontal plane. With its hexapod structure, the wavehexapod can make optimal use of this 3D movement. Every movement can be converted into energy in this way, in the case of wavehexapod this energy is converted into electricity through the 6 generators.

The wave hexapod has a unique proposition. Because the hexapod can be safely placed between windmills with a submersible, we use the existing infrastructure to increase the energy output in the wind farm. Up to 4 times more energy per year. In addition, the wavehexapod with its submersibles can also be located in old depreciated wind farms to generate energy, in order to make optimal use of the existing cabling.

Both with brownfield (old park engineering) or greenfield (new park engineering) the wave hexapod does not use the windmill poles, but only uses the electricity connection of the poles.