SSE Renewables and Offshore Wind Innovators, in close cooperation with TKI Wind op Zee are launching the 6th Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge! SSE Renewables is addressing two of its current challenges for offshore wind development through the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge:

  1. Producing a stable baseload of energy from an offshore wind farm.
  2. Collecting ecological data at an offshore wind farm.

The SSE Renewables Challenges

From February 2nd to April 1st, SSE Renewables evokes entrepreneurs to take up the challenges by presenting either a concept or a proven solution. From April to June 2022, the entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to work with experts from SSE Renewables and TKI Wind op Zee in two plenary sessions to further shape their innovative solutions. The finalists will pitch their developed concept to a wide audience during the Finals in June 2022.

This will increase the visibility of participants and their innovations in the offshore wind market. In addition, they receive expert coaching from leading offshore wind companies, which could act as launching customers. The first fiveeditions of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge led to partnerships and innovations like the bubble curtain, artificial reefs, new fender techniques and more. 

About SSE Renewables

SSE Renewables has announced plans to enter the Dutch Offshore wind market. As part of their strategy, they will use their unrivalled ecological and systems integration expertise to develop innovative solutions to address current and future challenges and support the further development of offshore wind in the Netherlands and beyond.

About Offshore Wind Innovators

The Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge is an initiative of Offshore Wind Innovators. Offshore Wind Innovators is a community for pioneering companies in the offshore wind industry. The goal of the community is to provide insight into the industry’s business and innovation ecosystem and practical solutions to the challenges pioneering companies face. Offshore Wind Innovators is made possible by TKI Wind op Zee.

Are you ready to innovate?

We hope to see your solution(s) before the 8th of April!

Click here for more information on this 6th Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge.