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The corona virus has an impact on everyone and everything. For an overview we’re collecting all the information that we as NWEA post on this subject.

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Erik van Diest
Erik van DiestMarketing Manager / Contact person Corona for NWEA members
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Corona updates for and by the sector

Through this page we bring you relevant updates by and for the windsector concerning the corona virus. Further updates will be posted here. Update extension changed working hours offshore wind SSM has announced an extension of the temporary change fo ...

Useful links

A lot of information is placed on the internet concerning the corona virus. For the wind sector we do our best to create an overview of the relevant items. This page will get updated over time . Government Official website of the government of the Ne ...

What is the impact of corona on your business?

Within NWEA we closely follow the developments around the corona virus. The impact for the windsector is also become more clear. But what is the impact on your business? What can you do? And what can NWEA do for you? We'd like to talk with you about ...

NWEA online accessible

On Thursday 12 March, it was announced that new measures will apply in the Netherlands to counter the spread of the coronavirus. NWEA will of course also take the necessary measures for this. We follow the national measures that apply throughout the ...

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