Today it was announced today that CrossWind has won the RVO tender for the Hollandse Kust Noord wind farm. NWEA congratulates its members Shell and Eneco with this project which will be built without subsidy. In this way, the roll-out of offshore wind will remain on schedule towards 2030 in accordance with the agreements in the Climate Agreement. Currently there are offshore wind farms in the Dutch part of the North Sea with a total capacity of approximately 1 Gigawatt (GW). ├śrsted expects to have completed its full 752 MW in the Borssele wind area by the end of this year. Eneco and Shell will follow next year with another 730 MW in Borssele. In 2023 there will be at least 4.5 GW power; this accounts for 16% of electricity consumption. In 2030 there will be approximately 11 GW of offshore wind farms; accounting for 40% of our expected electricity consumption in 2030.

NWEA would like to quickly start working with the government on the roadmap for offshore wind after 2030. With wind energy as the basis of our sustainable energy supply and the energy intensive industry working hard on electrification, the demand for wind energy will continue to rise. Clarity about the trajectory after 2030 provides certainty for industry and the wind sector to continue to invest in our sustainable future. Thereby NWEA also still considers the possibility to accelerate before in 2030, in space at sea and grid capacity, very important if there is sufficient demand.

After a spectacular drop in the requested subsidy amounts from the first and second tenders, the third tender was even subsidy-free. In the current tender, the unforeseen question was whether the Corona virus would be a bummer here, given the effect on the energy market. Some parties have therefore abandoned the option to put in an offer. Fortunately, several parties turned out to have the confidence to submit an offer. NWEA hopes that when drawing up the conditions for new tenders, the government will continue to take into account the increasingly tight business case for offshore wind energy.