Every Innovation starts with a challenge and this is where we need your help!

Your organization most probably has technical challenges in offshore wind. Challenges during the Development, Installation, Operations and Maintenance or the Decommissioning phase. If so, we would like to come into contact with you, and challenge you to let our network of 140+ SME’s and Start-ups come with innovative solutions ready to use within a year.

With a track record of challenges such as finding long-life CTV fenders, Optimize Bubble Curtains to Reduce Noise Emission and Efficient Biodiversity Monitoring, the success of the Offshore Wind Innovation Challenge has become an annual process for the Dutch offshore wind industry. Multiple solutions have been implemented since the start of the challenge.

Save time and money on a time-consuming process of problem-solving and innovation on topics, to find excellent and innovative solutions to your challenge just like Van Oord, TKI Wind op Zee, Seazip Offshore Service, The Rich North Sea, Deutsche Windtechnik and Gemini did in previous editions. We connect you with (inter)national start-ups and knowledge institutes to help solve and accelerate applied innovations and find new technologies and/or innovative suppliers.

We invite you to discuss a potential challenge with us before the end of April. Send an e-mail to owic@tki-windopzee.nl and we will get into contact with you.