Laden Evenementen
We are delighted to invite you to our first of a series of AIRTuB (Automated Inspection & Repair of Turbine Blades) meetings during this year as previously announced (see below).

The aim of these meetings is to share the knowledge gained in the AIRTuB project per theme (and therefore work package) with interested parties, but also to give a stage to related developments that we came into contact with during the project. In addition, it is of course also an excellent opportunity to network and discuss possible follow-up projects.

The first meeting will take place on April 12 at the TU Delft, Faculty of Aerospace Engineering and will deal with sensor technology in offshore wind.


10.30 Receipt with coffee / tea

11:00 Start and Welcome (Ferry Visser, WCM/Fieldlab Zephyros)

11.10 20 minutes presentations about:

  • Introduction into blade damage and overview of detection methods (Rogier Nijssen, TNO)
  • Laserline scanning for leading edge erosion inspection (Andrei Anisimov, TUD)
  • Ultrasonic inspection (Jason Hwang and Ali Nokhbatolfoghahai, NLR and TUD)

12:15  Lunch

12:45  20 minutes presentations about:

  • Teraherz technology for blade inspection (Alena Belitskaya Dutch TeraHertz)
  • X-ray inspection: (A. Goveas, Wyndtek)
  • Internal sensoring of windturbine blades (Hans van Beek, Tarucca)
  • Solution for robotized blade inspections with ultrasonic and laserline scanner (Esmer Dukul, Invertrobotics)

13:50  Summary and closing (Ferry Visser, WCM)

14:00  NDT lab tour and demonstration of developed sensing equipment (Andrei Anisimov, TUD)

15:00  Closure


To participate and visit our event in Delft please sign up here.

For whom this is really not possible, we offer the opportunity to watch the presentations via a livestream. Send for the livestream-link an email to

Other thematic AIRTuB meetings:

2022 is the year in which the (first) Fieldlab Zephyros AIRTuB project will be completed.

For more than 3 years, the 16 partners below have researched, designed and prototyped together intensively to optimize blade maintenance on wind turbines at sea.

During this last AIRTuB year we are happy to share our progress and results in the form of the thematic meetings below:

  • May 20th – coating and blade repair (Qlayers – Delft)
  • September 22nd – Crawlers for Inspection & Repair (kenniswerf Vlissingen)
  • October 14th – Impact LEE on AEP (ENTRANCE – Groningen)
  • November 24th – Drones & flightcontrolers (NLR – Marknesse)

Of course you are welcome to join, learn about the results and discuss about next steps to make.

Therefore save these dates in your agenda. More information will follow soon.