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Make a wind farm development plan during a two day interactive game. This course will focus on the most important decision-making moments when preparing a tender and will pay extra attention to the effect of covering risks on a wind farm profit.

This course consists of seven lectures and a continuous development game, which will be alternated throughout the course. In this game, participants will work on a development plan from the developer’s perspective. The course program will cover the different facets necessary when preparing a tender.

The goal of this course is for participants to get accustomed with the key points in the development plan to prepare for a tender. The course will focus on the most important decision-making moments in the different phases of tender preparation. It will highlight the risks and effects of these decisions with extra attention on the effect of covering risks on a wind farm profit. The course will review the different phases of the tender procedure: project setup, planning and financing, engineering, installation and maintenance. For each phase the stakeholders and external influences will be discussed, economic, legal and political influences.

At the end of the last course day, participants will test their own development plan with several scenarios to see the effects of their choices on the wind farm profit.