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A Dutch consortium intends to develop a concept pilot island and likes to share and gather ideas, possibilities, impossibilities and information through this seminar on multipurpose islands.
Multipurpose artificial islands in the North Sea may serve as hubs for the transport infrastructure of offshore wind energy using electrons or hydrogen. They will host electrical and power-to-gas installations and used as a base for operation and maintenance activities and marine activities, food pre-processing (seaweed) and high energy-demanding activities such as datacentres.
Artificial islands may a solution for the growing capacity of offshore wind energy, the integration into the entire energy system. When new wind farm areas are selected, the energy infrastructure’s preparation should follow suit. Islands are discussed in countries around the North Sea. Multipurpose islands can also bring interesting social and economic benefits and opportunities.

Offshore wind energy will play a major role in a future CO2-free energy supply system. Transport of energy and integration in the energy system is the next big challenge.

Offshore energy infrastructure will be needed with (inter-)connections from and between wind farms and to shore. Hubs will create a flexible and reliable network. Artificial islands in wind energy areas will facilitate this grid with a solid ground for high voltage or hydrogen production equipment and will serve as a base for operation and maintenance activities and opportunities for other usages such as seaweed pre-processing or data hotels and thereby bring interesting social and economic benefits and (knowledge) export opportunities.

We@Sea and Offshore Service Facilities (OSF) organise an international two-day seminar on these multifunctional energy islands in the North Sea. During this seminar, we want to share knowledge and insights and aim for furthers steps and investigations necessary for the development and realisation of a pilot and get a picture of the ideas, challenges, and (im-)possibilities of multifunctional energy islands.

The following sessions with multiple speakers are on the agenda;

  • Keynotes: Setting the scene
  • Electricity
  • The role of hydrogen
  • Concepts and design
  • Ecological aspects
  • Legal aspects
  • Co-use and sharing
  • Conclusions and next steps

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