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During this DOB-Online training course, you will learn the basic concepts involving design, installation, operation and maintenance of a wind farm and their latest technologies. To stay up to date with the latest developments in the offshore wind sector, participation in this training is essential.

The offshore wind industry has undergone a massive change in the past five years, both in the size and number of these projects, that has even surprised the companies in the sector itself. Therefore, in order to keep their competitive edge, companies and personnel need to keep up with this rapid pace. With this training, you can!

In addition to the DOB-Online training course Basic Installation, O&M and Future Technologies there is another DOB-Online training course on the history and societal aspects and wind turbine components of offshore wind. The DOB-Online training course Wind Turbine History & Components is complementary to the Basic Installation, O&M and Future Technologies Online training course and gives a proper basis for this lectures of this Online training course and will be live one week earlier.

In preparation for the DOB-Online training course you will receive a DOB-box at home (or your office). This DOB-box will contain useful documents and a surprise, all with the style and high quality of the DOB-Academy standard.

Note: proper safety measures and procedures in line with the current COVID-19 measures will be in place at DOB-Academy during the live-streaming sessions. The safety and health of people at DOB-Academy are of the highest priority.