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In this one-day course, participants will learn about the application of FIDIC contracts in the offshore wind industry. Aratis will provide valuable insights and lessons learned from their experience in offshore wind contracting.

In order to manage an offshore wind project successfully, it is important to be familiar with the FIDIC General Conditions and to understand how and when to use them. The FIDIC Yellow Book contract is the most commonly used type of contract in the offshore wind market. It is applied for wind turbine supply agreements as well as for engineering, procurement and design and build (D&B) contracts for the balance of plant. This one-day FIDIC course provides an overview of the basics of FIDIC in general and the FIDIC Yellow Book edition 1999 in particular. The course will focus on how to use the FIDIC Yellow Book in practice, mainly from a Contract Management / Project Management perspective and to a lesser extent from a legal perspective. As a result, the practical implications for a daily project life of all 20 clauses will be addressed. The content will be provided by Aratis whose trainers are senior Contract Managers with extensive international experience in (offshore wind) construction projects.