Through this page we bring you relevant updates by and for the windsector concerning the corona virus. Further updates will be posted here.

Update extension changed working hours offshore wind
SSM has announced an extension of the temporary change for working hours on offshore wind. The regulation, under conditions, has for now been extended until 1 March 2022. You can find the full details here.

Update Dispensation certifying bodies
The current lockdown in The Netherlands has led for several certifying bodies of safety trainings to give dispensation for certificates that end during this period. Delta Safety Training has send an overview of this via mail. Download a copy of this e-mail here.

Update Guide, protocol and questionnaire Covid-19 for offshore wind
Together with Nautilus International, the trade union for maritime professionals, we have drawn up a guide, protocol and questionnaire Covid-19. These documents record the existing agreements on paper with which the employers can create a safe working environment in these times of Corona. Download the guide here, the protocol here and the separate questionnaire here. The documents have been drawn up and approved by the Offshore Wind subcommittee on Safety & Health.

Update NoviCap offers BMKB-C Facility in collaboration with the Dutch government as a financing solution
The Dutch government and NoviCap have entered into a partnership to jointly ensure that Dutch entrepreneurs are supported in their financing needs as a result of Covid-19. NoviCap can therefore offer its customers the BMKB-C Facility. BMKB-C at NoviCap is a long-term invoice financing solution, in which the Dutch government partially guarantees the outstanding credit. Details and application here.

Update use of mouth masks at Den Helder Airport
From Monday 5 October travellers are urged to wear a face mask in all public and secured areas of Den Helder Airport. You must bring this mouth cap yourself. Security guards approach people who do not wear masks and can act with the applicable sanctions policy to people not wearing covers. In the restaurant it is allowed to take off the mouth mask for food and drinks. Incoming passengers wear the mask until they have left the airport building with luggage. This rule applies until further notice.

Update extension changed working hours offshore wind
On 17 September SSM has announced an extension of the temporary change for working hours on offshore wind. The regulation, under conditions, has been extended until 1 March 2021. You can find the full details here.

Update extended timing opening SDE++ scheme
Partly under the influence of the Corona crisis, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate announced on 23 June that the opening period of the SDE ++ will be moved back by 8 weeks. This means that it now opens on November 24. More information here in the letter of the Minister.

Update change working hours offshore wind
On 18 June SSM has announced a change in the temporary change for working hours on offshore wind. You can find this here.

Update easing of corona measures for helicopter flights to offshore installations
On May 15, SODM announced an easing of the measures regarding helicopter flights to offshore installations. You can find the details here.

Update termination of Corona related dispensation period for medical examinations
On 12 May NOGEPA has announced the termination plan for the dispensation period for medical examinations. Full details here.

Update dispensation expired NOGEPA medical examinations
On April 14 NOGEPA changed its position regarding expired medical examinations during the corona crisis. Read this position here.

Update use of face masks for helicopter flights
On April 9, it was announced that from April 14, a mouth cover must be worn for helicopter flights from Den Helder Airport. Contact the party that arranges helicopter flights for you to make arrangements about which party will provide these.

Update offshore working hours
On 8 April, SSM announced a further temporary increase in working hours for offshore wind. From now on it is allowed, under strict conditions, to work on offshore wind projects for 6 weeks. We are pleased as NWEA to have been involved in this change.

Update Protocol Working safely together for the construction and engineering sector comes into effect
On March 27, Techniek Nederland and Bouwend Nederland announced that the Protocol has been approved. Construction companies can now safely continue working with this protocol as a guideline. This also applies to companies active in wind energy. You can find the protocol here (in Dutch).

Update recognition vital sector
On March 27, the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate announced the following by email regarding the recognition of electricity production as a vital sector: “As an electricity producer, you fulfill an indispensable function for the vital process: ‘National transport and distribution of electricity’. ” “The same applies to third parties, such as suppliers and / or service providers, who fulfill an indispensable function for the continuation of electricity production.”

Update third-country nationals offshore wind
DHSS (shipping agent) reports the following on 27 March by email: “STATEMENT DIRECTOR FOR MIGRATION POLICY (DMB) In consultation with the Directorate for Migration Policy (DMB), it has been decided to broaden category C, namely third-country nationals with a vital function or need. As of today, the following may also be considered under this category (and therefore an essential voyage): “Sailors working on vessels engaged in the extraction of (petroleum), gas and / or wind energy”

Update useful links
On this page we have added a series of useful links to external information sources.

Update seagoing vessels >75m
On 17 March the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate presented a contingency plan and guidelines for seagoing vessels with a length > 75m. You can find these here.

Update working offshore
On March 16, an update was presented for offshore companies, with specific attention for medical examiners and working offshore. We have shared this directly with our offshore members. For questions about this, please contact Gerda Heller, secretary of the NWEA Health & Safety committee.

Update offshore working hours
On 13 March, the State Supervision of Mines announced that it has made a temporary change to working hours for offshore works. Look for the exact change here on the SoDM website.

Update measures Den Helder Airport
Various members of us use Den Helder Airport for their helicopter services. They too have taken various measures to minimize the spread, including in the area of access policy. Check here on the website of Den Helder Airport what this means for you.