Dutch Village: Additional sponsoring opportunities

Logo Dutch VillageNext to having a stand in the Dutch Village, we also offer the opportunity to sponsor specific parts of the Dutch Village. Below you can find several examples of this. For more information about the possibilities, please contact Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. citing the sponsor opportunity in which you are interested.



Example Sponsorship Packages

Walk the line banner

Main entrance to Dutch Village

Dutch Reception

From the entrance of RAI banners will be placed on the orange carpets with referencing to the Dutch village (max. 4).

The stairs towards Hall 3 will be the entrance gate to the Dutch Village. The stairs will be furnished with text and your logo.

On the second day of the exhibition a reception/drinks will be organized by the Dutch Village. Your logo will be prominently visible during this event.

Euro 2.500 per banner

Euro 10.000

Euro 10.000


If you are interested to join the Dutch Village, or if you require additional information about stand space or sponsorship opportunities, please contact NWEA or IRO via Dit e-mailadres wordt beveiligd tegen spambots. JavaScript dient ingeschakeld te zijn om het te bekijken. and let us know how we can be of assistance! Contact NWEA: Erik van Diest, 030 231 6977. Contact IRO: Daniëlle Veldman, 079- 341 19 81


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About the WindEurope Conference & Exhibition 2017
The Wind Europe Conference & Exhibition is the largest global onshore & offshore expo and international trade fair for the wind industry that presents the entire value chain in the onshore and offshore sectors. The event attracts wind energy professionals from across Europe and beyond from manufacturers, developers, operations and maintenance, and logistics and installation. Taking place at RAI exhibition center in Amsterdam, WindEurope 2017 will feature a wide array of global players in onshore & offshore wind, both at the exhibition as well as during the conference entailing 35 sessions on 8 different topics in co-operation with the European Academy of Wind Energy (EAWE).https://windeurope.org/confex2017/

WindEurope Confex 2017

GENERAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS of the Stichting Wind Energie Evenementen (Foundation Wind Energy Events – (SWEE)) EN


  1. Definitions

In these General Terms and Conditions (hereafter also named ´Terms & Conditions´) the following words shall have the following meanings: Participant: the contractual partner of SWEE; Agreement: the by the participant submitted sign up form or oral agreement, that has been confirmed in writing by SWEE, including these Terms & Conditions which are part of the agreement;
Project: every by SWEE offered service, including but not limited to workshops, exhibition participation, renting out stand area, sponsorships, possible keynotes and presentations; Contract price: the price that Participant is liable for to SWEE based on the agreement with regard to participating in the Project;Staff: all the staff that directly or indirectly has been put to work by SWEE and/or has been hired by SWEE, including representatives of SWEE.

  1. General

2.1 The Terms & Conditions and the Agreement with SWEE can only be changed and supplemented provided that this change or supplement has been explicitly agreed upon in writing between SWEE and the Participant.
2.2 The Agreement replaces all previous agreements in relation to the Project.
2.3 Every offer by SWEE is non-binding until the moment of signing.
2.4 SWEE is entitled to contract a subcontractor and/or to transfer (part of) her rights and obligations to a third party in order to execute the Agreement.
2.5 Upon request the articles of association can be inspected separately

  1. Registration, confirmation and cancellation

3.1 The request for participation in a project can be done by a sign up form.
3.2 After registration the applicant will receive a conformation of participation.
3.3 SWEE is entitled to, without giving a reason, exclude any applicant of taking part.
3.4 In case of insufficient participation is SWEE entitled up to two weeks in advance to cancel the event or reschedule the event to a later date.
3.5 SWEE is entitled to, without notice of default, cancel the participation at any moment if the Participant does not pay their invoices or does not pay their invoices in time. All consequences of such a cancellation are at the expense and risk of the Participant concerned.
3.6 The Participant that cancels in the period of up to 8 weeks in advance of the start of the activity is obliged to pay 50% of the Contract price. The Participant that cancels in the period up to 4 weeks in advance is obliged to pay 75% of the Contract price. In all other cases it is not possible to cancel the agreement and is the Participant obliged to pay the full contract price.
3.7 In case of (impending) violation and not abiding the Terms & Conditions by a participant of the agreement, SWEE is entitled to exclude the participant from the project and the agreement by written announcement of suspension or termination of the whole or part of the agreement.

  1. Payment

4.1 Payment of the agreed upon price is due before the start of the project.
4.2 Without prejudice to article 4.1, payment of the invoice amount to SWEE is due by bank transfer within 15 (fifteen) days after the invoice date.
4.3 The Participant shall, upon every reasonable request of SWEE, provide certitude for the full contract price. If the Participant does not comply to such a request, SWEE has the right to suspend or terminate the whole or part of the agreement by written announcement to the Participant.
4.4 Any form of protest against the contents of the invoice shall be communicated to SWEE in the form of a written announcement within 15 (fifteen) days after the invoice date. If no written announcement is received within this period, the invoice is assumed to be accepted by the Participant.
4.5 If the Participant does not fulfil some of the before mentioned obligations, the Participant will be liable for statutory interest per month or part of a month over the outstanding amount. In addition SWEE is entitled to, after written announcement, suspend the execution of the Agreement until receiving the payment taking into consideration the provisions of the Agreement or the provisions of these Terms & Conditions or terminate the Agreement.

  1. Special provisions Exhibition participation

5.1 SWEE assesses for each Exhibition participation a price per square meter (m2) as well as a minimum amount of square meters per Participant. Allocation by SWEE of a certain amount of square meters to a Participant entitles the Participant exclusively to the use of these square meters. It is explicitly not allowed without prior permission to make use of the to the Participant allocated square meters by multiple companies, that are not Participants.
5.2 Included in the price per square meter are, unless agreed otherwise: preparation and organisation; floor covering in the standard colour; daily cleaning; transport of the materials for the joint stand build; support at the location by personnel of SWEE; use of the joint lounge and her facilities; joint promotion; supply and drainage and use of water and electricity.
5.3 Furthermore are included standard shell building of the stand, consisting of: back- and side walls; collective decorations; uniform company name mentions; standard lighting and standard furniture. There will be no lowering of the contract price if the Participant decides to waive the standard building.
5.4 Unless agreed upon otherwise are, in any case, not included with the Exhibition participation: the transportation and placement of exposition materials of the Participant; lunch in the lounge; excessive use of the lounge facilities; furnishing of the stand and other special facilities and exclusive WiFi connection; all to exclusive determination by SWEE.
5.5 The building of the stand will be executed by a by SWEE contracted stand builder. The Participant is obliged to follow any orders of the stand builder.
5.6 Any deviation from the by SWEE provided standard stand build or floor covering has to be approved by SWEE in advance.
5.7 In the final stand layout SWEE has the right to allocate up to 10% (ten percent) more or less square meters than requested by the Participant. SWEE can decide to change the layout of the stand in case this benefits the collective presentation.
5.8 A panel presentation gives the exclusive right to hang or place a standard panel (banner) on the agreed location and does not give right to use the lounge facilities, listing in the exhibition catalogue, on the website, the newsletter or in joint advertisements unless agreed upon otherwise.
5.9 Invoicing by SWEE of the costs of participating in an exhibition to a Participant can be done in terms, in accordance with by SWEE to be determined terms. When invoicing SWEE will round the amount of square meters to whole numbers (with an area of more than or equal to 0.5 m2 up and with an area smaller than 0.5 m2 down).

  1. Liability

6.1 SWEE guarantees that the project will be executed to the best of its abilities. Any other further-reaching guarantee with regard to the execution of Projects will not be given and the contractual liability of SWEE is limited to fulfilling these guarantee obligations.
6.2 The liability of SWEE shall moreover at all times be limited to the Contract price.
6.3 Subject to as far as provided above in articles 6.1 and 6.2 and in case of intentional acts or deliberate recklessness or in the case that article 7:762 of the Civil Code of the Netherlands (Nederlands Burgerlijk Wetboek) is applicable, SWEE shall not be liable towards the Participant on any ground and for any damage whatsoever, direct or indirect, and regardless whether or not this claim is based on the Agreement, wrongful act or otherwise.
6.4 The Participant indemnifies SWEE of all claims of third parties, all Participants in or visitors to a Project, including those that are a result of, arise from or are related to the (execution of) the Agreement, unless SWEE would be liable towards the Participant in case of intentional acts or deliberate recklessness.
6.5 Intentional acts or deliberate recklessness in the sense of this article include intentional acts or deliberate recklessness of the bodies and the executives of SWEE (included subordinates and other executives that identify with her).

  1. Suspension and termination of the Agreement

7.1 When due to a circumstance that happens beyond her control SWEE is not capable or is deemed not able to fulfil the obligations resulting from the Agreement (in time), there will be a case of force majeure (non-accountable shortcoming) on her side (‘force majeure’) and will the obligation to fulfil the concerning obligations be suspended until the circumstance under which SWEE is under force majeure has come to an end and fulfilling the obligations will once again become possible. In case the force majeure is of such a nature that the project can not proceed or that the Agreement can otherwise not be fulfilled on the agreed moment in time, than SWEE is entitled to terminate the agreement by written announcement to the Participant without being held liable for any form of compensation. In this case SWEE will refund the Contract price or the part of the Contract price that has been paid (down payment) minus the costs made for the Project by SWEE.
7.2 In addition, SWEE is entitled to suspend the execution of any obligations resulting from the Agreement or to terminate the Agreement by written notification to the Participant in case of (petition of) suspension of payment or bankruptcy of the Participant or in case the Participant does not fulfil an obligation that follows from this Agreement, or when SWEE has reasons to believe that the Participant will not be capable to fulfil these obligations (on time).

  1. Governing law and competence

8.1 This Agreement and all obligations following from this Agreement are governed by the law of the Netherlands.
8.2 All disputes that may arise in response to the Agreement or from further agreements or obligations that are a consequence of this shall, when these cannot be resolved in amicable settlement, be settled in accordance with the Arbitration Agreement (Arbitrage Regelement) of the Dutch Arbitrary Institute (Nederlands Arbitrage Instituut). The arbitration court shall consist of 1 (one) arbiter. The place of arbitration shall be Rotterdam.
8.3 This English text of the Terms & Conditions is a translation of the Dutch original. If the Dutch and English texts of the Terms & Conditions are unclear or mutually inconsistent the Dutch text will prevail.






 logo WindDays

WindDays 2018

Thema: 'Wind: Europe's future energy supply'

Ook in 2018 keren de WindDays terug. Ditmaal opnieuw met een tweedaagse beurs en congres in het WTC Rotterdam op 13 & 14 juni 2018. Voor meer informatie, het boeken van stands op de beurs en tickets verwijzen wij u door naar de website van de WindDays: www.winddays.nl


De commissies, subcommissies en werkgroepen van NWEA

NWEA is inhoudelijk georganiseerd in vijf commissies met daaronder verschillende subcommissies en werkgroepen. De leden zijn deskundigen vanuit de aangesloten bedrijven en organisaties van NWEA.

De Commissie Wind op Zee houdt zich bezig met alle aspecten die te maken hebben met windenergie op de Noordzee, zoals wet- en regelgeving, tenderprocedures, locatiekeuzes, subsidiemogelijkheden en de aansluiting op het elektriciteitsnet. In de Commissie zijn de initiatiefnemers vertegenwoordigd die plannen hebben ingediend voor windparken op het Nederlands deel van de Noordzee of dit van plan zijn te doen. Onder de Commissie Wind op Zee vallen drie werkgroepen:

De Werkgroep Uitrol houdt zich bezig met de invulling van de windgebieden op zee zoals aangegeven in o.a. de kavelbesluiten van het Rijk. De Werkgroep levert actief een bijdrage aan de (in)formele consultatie van onder meer de openstelling van de windparken voor andere activiteiten, onderzoek naar ecologie en luchtvaart.
De Werkgroep Financiën & Net op Zee richt zich op de aanleg van het elektriciteitsnet op zee, financieringsvoorwaarden voor windparken op zee en het tender/subsidiesysteem. De Werkgroep levert (in)formeel advies aan de overheid over het verbeteren van wetgeving en de tendersystematiek. Daarnaast geeft zij advies aan TenneT over de aanleg van het net op zee.
De Werkgroep Routekaart Wind op Zee 2030 houdt zich bezig met de verdere realisatie van windparken op zee vanaf het jaar 2020. De Werkgroep bepaalt de randvoorwaarden die vanuit de windsector nodig zijn voor de verdere uitrol en adviseert de ministeries van Economische Zaken en Infrastructuur en Milieu over de wijze waarop de uitrol vormgegeven moet worden.

De Commissie Wind op Land werkt aan het versterken van de positie van windenergie op land in wet- en regelgeving en in ruimtelijke plannen van Rijk en provincies. Deze Commissie heeft drie subcommissies:
De Subcommissie Financiën heeft als doel het zorgen voor goede financieel-economische randvoorwaarden voor zowel investeringen in windenergie als de exploitatie van windmolens, en houdt zich bezig met de werkwijze van regelingen als de SDE+ (de Stimuleringsregeling Duurzame Energie+). Voor dat laatste punt is er een aparte werkgroep SDE+ (zie hieronder).
De Subcommissie Netinfrastructuur houdt zich bezig met de problematiek rond het aansluiten van windparken op het elektriciteitsnet. Aspecten als de vergoeding voor de aansluiting in de SDE+, de afstemming van plannen tussen ontwikkelaars en netbeheerders en capaciteitsvraagstukken liggen in deze Subcommissie op tafel.
De Subcommissie Ruimte heeft als doel om alle ruimtelijke knelpunten voor windenergie op land te beslechten. Er zijn een aantal gespecialiseerde werkgroepen die onder de Subcommissie Ruimte vallen:

De Werkgroep Obstakelverlichting richt zich op het maken van afspraken met de overheid en de luchtvaartsector. Inzet van de Werkgroep is om de overlast door obstakelverlichting zo laag mogelijk te maken zonder daarbij de veiligheid in gevaar te brengen.
De Werkgroep Verlengde Levensduur denkt na over de manier waarop de windsector haar verantwoordelijkheid kan nemen om windturbines waarvan de technische levensduur is verstreken op een veilige manier te laten doordraaien. Inmiddels is er hiervoor een NEN-richtlijn opgesteld.
De Werkgroep Gedragscode is binnen NWEA verantwoordelijk voor de Gedragscode Acceptatie & Participatie Windenergie op Land.
De Werkgroep Geluid houdt zich bezig met alle wetten en regels rondom de geluidsproductie van windmolens.
De Werkgroep Omgevingswet volgt het proces van de invoering van de Omgevingswet en richt zich, in samenwerking met de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Duurzame Energie, op het zo goed mogelijk vastleggen van het windbelang in deze omvangrijke wet.
De Werkgroep Handboek Risicozonering richt zich op het verbeteren en het in de praktijk brengen van dit Handboek en zet zich in voor het borgen hierin van de windbelangen met betrekking tot externe veiligheid.

De Commissie Veiligheid & Opleidingen richt zich op de bedrijfsvoering van windmolens. Het gaat onder andere om veilig werken aan en in windmolens, veilige bedrijfsvoering en gestructureerd onderhoud. De Commissie adviseert onder andere over de Arbocatalogus Windenergiebedrijven voor veilig werken aan molens. Onder de Commissie valt deze werkgroep:

De  Werkgroep IJsproblematiek heeft het Veiligheidsprotocol IJsafzetting Windturbines opgesteld. Dit protocol is een belangrijk hulpmiddel bij het veilig exploiteren van windmolens tijdens (de zeldzame) omstandigheden dat er zich ijs kan afzetten op de wieken.

De Commissie Public Affairs richt zich met name op de agenda van de Tweede Kamer. Samen met de leden en met externe partijen werken we aan betere wet- en regelgeving op de terreinen die voor windenergie relevant zijn. In de Commissie worden strategieën voor politieke beïnvloeding besproken, acties bedacht en taken verdeeld.

De Commissie Communicatie & Participatie bevordert primair de acceptatie van windmolens. De Commissie werkt daartoe samen met de leden van NWEA (o.a. bedrijven en burgercoöperaties) en met externe belanghebbenden zoals de groene organisaties en overheden. Het werkterrein van de Commissie betreft daarnaast de externe positionering van windenergie.

Ook is er de aparte Werkgroep Miniwindmolens. In deze Werkgroep zijn producenten, adviseurs en importeurs van miniwindmolens verenigd. Alle Commissies en Werkgroepen van NWEA houden zich aan de Competition Compliance Guidelines zoals opgesteld door WindEurope.