Gas meets Wind: North Sea Energy Symposium
Woensdag, 15 juni 2016 - Woensdag, 15 juni 2016

If there is one area where the energy transition is visible in all its drama, it is the North Sea region. On the one hand, there is the declining fossil exploration and production sector to the point that the first of the more than 600 offshore platforms and installations are being decommissioned. These will gradually be followed by the others over the next few decades, unless alternative uses for the platforms and the grids can be found. By contrast, renewable energy production is booming, as is shown by what has been achieved already, but even more so by the capacities scheduled to be installed. For example, the current about 10 GW installed capacity is expected to increase to anywhere between 19.5 and 28 GW by 2020, to rise further thereafter to possibly double that level.

Locatie : Rotterdam
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